Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sat Nav Idiots

Oft' times I read about idiots who blindly follow their sat-nav into a river...Or get wedged in a street...or kill somebody.

Sat-nav's should have options to tailor them to your vehicle e.g. Type in the dimensions and weights, even turning circle if known, and it will check this against it's tables. Rather like the FMC in aviation.

I'm sure they have basics already (don't know, never needed to use them) such as HGV or Bus mode? If not, why not?

Perhaps even include a 2 minute chat in driving lessons that covers the main point.

"A sat nav will get you to a destination, but it will not think for you. If the road looks unsuitable, the sat nav will still point you at your destination if you ignore it and keep on the wide, tarmac road through the village...not the 2 foot wide cobbled path that leads down a rollercoaster hill to an antiques market at the bottom."

But what always bothers me about these kinds of stories is the simple fact that so many human beings lack critical thinking. At what point do you look at what the sat-nav is telling you and think "Hmmmm, that street looks like it's made of water. I think I'll go around." or "Hmmmm that road is about 4 pedestrians wide and blocked with tables and chairs, and sandwich boards. Perhaps the company who provides the mapping data would benefit from a correction email?" or "Hmmm watching the road is better than watching a 6 inch screen and ploughing into a cyclist." I wouldn't trust these people with cars if they lack the ability to question environmental inputs and make the correct decisions.

I don't get it. I always think "Sod that!" and go around if the road looks dodgy. I also use street-view and satellite maps to get an impression of my destination so I am familiar with the difficult bits at the end. Saves so much stress and worry.

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