Friday, 30 March 2012

Burned yourself?

Would you ever consider decanting petrol into a glass, in your kitchen when the gas hob is on?

If yes...

...You're an idiot. That's you. Not the government. Not the fuel tanker drivers. Not the media who have whipped you up into a frenzy. That's you = an idiot.

If no...You have just passed the common sense test, and do not deserve severe burns.

I imagine that an idiot burning themselves with petrol they caused to ignite via their own lack of forethought is the kind of thing that the media would love to put a spin on... oh look what is happening here?

I would vote Baroness Warsi a million times over if she'd have just laughed and said "What an idiot!"

Forgive me, but I would like to think we're capable of looking after ourselves as a species, and it triggers a darkly comic despair when people fail to live up to a minimum standard. Not saying I am perfect, but I tend to ask for help or look for guidance if doing something for the first time. If unsure, I would look up "How to decant petrol," on google or something similar. But fire + petrol? Give me strength, it is not the place of the government to wipe people's arses for them.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fuel Shortages

If you have been out and panic bought petrol (or diesel) today, then you're a prick.

Simple as that.

7 days notice is required before any strike, the army are involved and the public will lynch tanker drivers if they destroy the weak and stumbling economy.

Buy fuel when it's time to do so, don't be one of the sheeple and do what the "telly people" tell you to do.

I am surrounded by fools.

The government haven't covered themselves in glory scream the papers...Well who is doing the screaming? The papers. Who is putting up on their website in HUGE fonts "Panic Buying at Petrol Stations!" The BBC and other news websites.

Fools lead by idiots.

Saturday, 24 March 2012


What a beautiful city it is. Despite costing a Kings ransom to take a train into the centre, it's always much more relaxing than piloting the car into that melee of angry people who think they know how to drive, and demonstrate their skill to you by ignoring the entire 160 pages of the Highway Code.

Visited Greenwich and the Royal Observatory et al today in the glorious Spring sunshine. The ladies were not wearing much, the men were strutting their stuff in beach shorts and fucking stupid hats, and children were the badly behaved and the usual unselfaware little shits that society has bred today. Must have smirked at about 3 kids who got clobbered by the knees of the crowd...

When I were a lad, I used to stay close to my parents and ensured I wasn't in the way of other people. I think I had an understanding of physics that today's kids just don't...I was small, if struck by a larger body, I would be hurt. More likely, it's because kids know their parents wrap them in cotton wool and let them get away with anything, oh and they fly off the handle at the adult who accidentally has their stupid kid walk into them. I suspect the overreaction has something to do with them being 'oh so right on' that they never discipline their own kids, hence the natural instinct to lay into the badly behaved little shit is transposed onto the first available adult. Do remember when a kid ran out of a shop and into my knee once, and the mum rounded on me...She was rather upset when I told her to "piss off you cheeky mare" and advised her to learn to keep her kids under control.

Was also rather annoyed by the way modern human beings are unable to deduce that walking 5 or 6 abreast on paths, thus blocking them, is rather selfish...Forcing other people to walk on the grass or wait for you to pass is simple bad manners. Unperturbed by this, I knifed my way through them in a ruler straight line with stiff elbows and Pink Floyd's Live in Pompeii in my ears. Again people, physics, I am have mass and I am directing it at your solar plexus...You haven't earned the right to be treated with respect because you're deliberately avoiding my helpful eye contact that I am hoping to use to advise you that I will not walk into the bushes in order to allow you to continue using obvious and pathetic chat-up lines on the females in your group. The little look of surprise they give when struck is a pleasure to witness, and the ones who say something never quite expect the pre-prepared response I give along the lines of " I figured you must have thought you could walk through me or something since you blocked the entire path. Don't work like that sunshine!"

Those members of the human race under age 26, could do with about 15 minutes in a fire. Ah, the joys of mild sociopathy.

99% of the day was awesome otherwise, and the Shard is a beauty...As is watching the sunset almost directly behind the Houses of Parliament.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spiders are gits

I put my dressing gown on, and found out that some eight legged bastard had decided to hang out inside it. Oh, and it's not a tickly tiny little spider that would make me giggle, oh no...It's a hairy spindly long legged fucker with a big bulbous ass and visible eyes.

I know that it is wrong to anthropomorphise the animal kingdom, but seriously...It was inside my dressing gown for shits and giggles wasn't it!

Sadly, had to terminate it with extreme prejudice, I simply cannot abide monstrous arachnids.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Words fail me, again

Is this video as racist as I think it is? It's a pro-EU enlargement propaganda video, paid for out of our taxes without asking our permission.

Thing is, it seems to show that if the countries of the EU combine, we can stop the Chinese, Muslims and generic Black people from causing trouble.

Words fail me! A friend commented that it would be much more entertaining if the woman in the yellow was Angela Merkel, yet another commented that there isn't enough spandex in the EU for that to happen.

But, where are the British media in all this? I would have expected the Guardian to be up in arms over this, pulling out the race card etc...But I think they're merely confirming my suspicions that their pro-EU bias stops them from objectively commenting on the bad things about the EU. They prefer to stay silent, and yet accuse the Daily Mail of X, Y and Z crimes against humanity if the Mail picks up on them. Go Guardian, it is yet another paper lacking in objectivity and yet held up as some sort of paragon of virtue by the ignorant. 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Leaked Letter

So Vince Cable is being accused of attacking the coalition etc etc. Bullshit people, he is not...Read the letter, go on, read it! We'll discuss the ethics of the media reading a letter marked 'private' later...Have you read the letter now? Good.

  • Vince mentions many failings from the previous administration.
  • Vince spots a number of areas the UK does well in.
  • Vince eyes potential solutions for a few problems.
  • Vince is respectful and courteous to Number 10.
  • Vince is doing his job, suggesting ways that Number 10 can improve things to help UK business.
There is nothing in the letter that I see as being overtly threatening or wrong in any way shape or form.

Since the letter was supposed to be private, we shouldn't even be having this discussion. I wish the UK population would pull their heads out of the media's backside and stop being quite so drip-fed.