Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Cuts...

I'm reserving judgement until October...

But, I am well aware that the huge budget hole needs filling, and who's fault that one was. Spending more cash than the country makes, during the good times! Well done, well done. Idiots, did they really believe they had cured Boom and Bust? I was busy trying to explain that "Labour only looks good because they are buying lots of shiny things on the 'Nation's Credit Card,' " for my super pro-Labour (coal mining, Barnsley) side of the family way back in 2004.

However, I am also aware of the way the media prefers to spin a drama into a crisis at every opportunity and this one is a hum-dinger that will fill air-time for months...Also, I know that Labour spent millions of pounds of taxpayers money trying to control the media, so that they could pretend everything was Hunky Dory. Perhaps people like that, part of me says that a constant drip-feed of depressing news will just breed more negativity...Thus perhaps media manipulation is a good thing?

This lot, don't seem to be as savvy with journalists (or more prudent, I don't have the full facts regards how much they're forking out for PR), and thus without a Campbell breathing down their necks, the media seem to be lining up to beat the shit out of them come October. I wouldn't be surprised if the BBC stick a doomsday countdown in the bottom right of every TV show they broadcast on October the 1st. Also, a minister being tough and taking a firm line, seems to be reported as the minister being an unsympathetic robot. What do the media want? Labour tried to be sweetness and nice and keep things positive even when they were royally fucking things up. The media spit roasted them. This mob are all "Look, shit is happening! Deal with it!" and the media are spitting on their dicks waiting for Halloween.

Still, my hopes that a coalition would cancel out the worst sides of both parties has just highlighted to me with depressing clarity...Why walk the centre ground? You will merely piss off the left wing and the right wing in equal measure because your left will not be left enough, nor your right right enough.

It's time the parties drifted back to their roots.

So come October, I may be out on my arse...I may have to cease to be a public servant, and sell my soul to the private sector once more. Go and work for a bank...Well if you can't beat them.

That or lead the revolution :D