Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Legal aid cuts 'will let UK abuse abroad go unpunished'

Or alternatively.

90 leading barristers aim to keep milk and honey flowing into their vast coffers by painting their actions as a social crusade. 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

G7 agree to target tax avoidance.

G7 agree to target tax avoidance. Brilliant. This is the only way to tax the rich...Chase them around the globe, blocking each and every stone they try to hide their purloined gold under.

Until the whole world agrees to target this issue, there can never be the socialist utopia of shared wealth and a safety net for all. Essentially, whenever my more liberal friends attempt to paint me as some kind of evil demonic figure because I don't nod and agree with them and say "Ummm, yeah yeah yeah!" to each and every point about throwing money at the economy and giving the poor £60kpa to sit on their asses etc...Every time they do this, I always ask "Who will pay for it? Your glorious plans?"

Their stock answer being the rich, and big corporations. Well yes, I agree they should pay their dues, but they are already charged a higher rate of tax...They merely hide lots of their wealth in order to pay nothing or less tax than they otherwise would. Meaning, they can't fund this utopia...until the world closes loopholes. Why? Because if we close the loopholes here and force big business to pay, they will piss off elsewhere in order to save money, taking their wealth with them and abandoning us as a trading nation, hence we cannot go it alone...Much as my liberal friends want to. To do so will flush the whole system down the toilet, and then we couldn't afford a sausage let alone healthcare.