Saturday, 5 October 2013

Oh Noes time to ban buses unless they are packed with cotton wool.

Woman falls off bus.

So...This is where society leaves us? We're supposed to sympathise with somebody who falls over, and demand that the state step in to protect us from our own inability to take responsibility for our own actions.

Inb4 tedious debate where somebody smugly points out how wearing harnesses on a worksite saves lives etc, and insinuates that I'd like to return to a 1950s era where flat caps and cigarettes will save you from industrial accidents. PPE and safety legislation is wonderful in the working environment.

In this situation, somebody who has spent their life wrapped in cotton wool, took a risk and didn't apply too much thought to the outcome. Natural selection in action. I couldn't care less. Why should we change the rules to suit the lowest common denominator?

"Somebody do something...I made a mistake..." I get the same reaction when I hear parents who have set up a pressure group to legislate about everything because their kids died hanging from Venetian blind cords for example. "Shame for you...But stop trying to change the law to suit."

I have an idea. How about everybody in the world lives inside some sort of nourishing fluid filled shock resistant pod. Robots feed us a nutritionally balanced diet and remove our waste products, and we all have a spanking good time watching TV in our minds.

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