Monday, 28 January 2013

HS2 Again

So, the government has published the first details of the northern extension of HS2, and the predictable arsehole NIMBYs are already out trying to overturn something they know nothing about.

Now, the BBC as an unbiased and balanced broadcaster, is duty bound to present both sides of the fence...However, this approach means that no nothing idiots and their baseless ideas are given an air of credibility because they have been on the BBC. What should happen is, if your point of view differs, but is factually incorrect and/or mislead, you should be laughed off of the BBC...And shot (under my regime).

Let us have a look at the anti-HS2 bullshit claims postulated by these absolute morons. Now, I know people are supposed to have reasoned debate and agree to disagree, but I disagree with that sentiment. I feel that by allowing everybody believe their opinion is of equal weight and merit, you encourage dickheads to open their mouth and cost the taxpayer billions in wasted effort and legal battles. You also have to listen to these people without having the right to demand they be vanned into the fens and disposed of in a ditch. I digress...time to direct my disbelief and venom at the airheads of Stop HS2 et al.

Many of these *cough* bullshit *cough* facts can be viewed here. 

We operate a hundred+ year old railway network, that has been botched and cobbled together...It works, but is approaching capacity. Apparently, you can improve the network today for £2bn...Really? Do you remember the recent upgrade of the WCML that failed to deliver, and disrupted travel for about 10 years? Imagine this happening again....Go on...Years of disruption, service stoppages, weekend possessions  a bodge job, a half measure. HS2 would be a new build, allowing the WCML to run freely in the interim construction period. Plus there would be a new diversion route for maintenance, redundancy in the network is always good...Witness what happens when somebody tops themselves on the line, and everybody is stuck in London for hours. With two routes, duplicating the ECML and WCML, you're sorted for alternatives.

What 'stop HS2' (no caps, fuck 'em) fail to realise when they come out with their tired old socialist shit about the line only benefiting businessmen etc, is that building HS2 frees up oodles of space on the WCML (and to a lesser extent the MML and ECML) to provide for slower freight and stopping passenger services. These will benefit local communities AND take trucks off of the motorways, an environmental benefit surely since slow moving freight is a pain in the ass on the motorways what with trucks elephant racing. The DfT's rail package 2 does not deliver all the benefits of HS2...It just doesn't, stop deluding yourselves.

The benefits will also flow to London, according to stop HS2...Really? Ever heard of the suburbs? They are large areas of land that were covered in houses and shops (I'll talk to you like an idiot if you think like one), mainly in the 30s, as a result in the growth  of rapid transport connecting those places to London. Compare Watford in the 30s with Watford today (there are numerous other examples)...You'll find that Watford is much bigger and more prosperous than it was in the 30s because its population can travel into London for work. If people choose to live in Birmingham and commute to London then great, those people who live in Birmingham will have more pennies in their pocket to spend IN Birmingham, hence leading to a growth in the commercial and services sector that provide for those people. There will be benefit. Likewise connecting cities to Birmingham will open further opportunities for the regional hinterland to trade together...Not to mention the increased ability to pump railfreight back and forth down the traditional network.

It is pointed out that more people will travel if HS2 is built = bad for the environment m'kay...You know what? Fuck you. People need to travel to work, in order to grow and prosper...If you're a comfortably well off middle class NIMBY who has achieved a certain level of success in your life, then who are you to deny millions of other people the chance to climb the ladder like you have. Fuck you you selfish dicks. I hope you choke in your retirement and stop draining the tax pot for the rest of us.

NIMBYs also like to point to HS1 as an example of a failed project...Any system can be considered a failure if only part of it is built. HS1 will become more valuable once plumbed into Crossrail, HS2, (potential CR2 and HS3)...I am reminded of how anti-roads dickbags fuck up road improvement schemes, and then use the resultant over budget half measure as 'proof' that road building is flawed and expensive. It is, if you sabotage it...If you bump the cost up by using the tactics published in your road protest handbook, to enforce expensive judicial reviews (lots of money for you NIMBY dickbags parents i.e. lawyers) and then make it miss its planning window so the work has to be repeated and incorporate new standards at extra cost to the taxpayer etc then of course it will be seen as a waste of money. The cost is the fault of the protesters  not the engineers and professionals or government.

Frankly, I am sick of interest groups holding the taxpayer to ransom. Interest groups that exploit the inability of people who are 'pro' something to get off their arse and protest 'for' something. It's human nature to scream and shout against something, but do nothing if you support something. Dickbag protestors shouldn't take this silence as support, because it isn't. I imagine millions of people are chuffed to see the government getting of their backsides and planning long term. In cohorts with the electric spine and the Great Western Mainline being improved etc, I am happy to see progress...And I dislike people who intend to fuck it up on the basis of half truths and prejudice.

You are welcome to disagree, but I'll just 'know' you are a prick if you do, and not worth my energy. You are not entitled to your opinion you arse goblin.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Where do you begin with these arseholes?

Argentina, a country stolen from a native population by European invaders...But since that happened a long time ago, it has become a moot point and it is generally accepted that Argentina has the right to self determination. A chance to vote in its own corrupt and idiotic rulers, who fleece the crap out of the place, bring the economy to its knees and generally squander the future of the population (rather like the UK then, oh ho ho ho).

But what does a plastic faced near transexual (IMHO), do when the country she is running is falling apart at the seams, why she looks for a diversion and points to some islands on the map nearby that she thinks should belong to her country. "If I scream and shout and demand these islands and complain and bitch, people will not pay attention to how I am skull-fucking the national exchequer!" Just like in 1982, when times is hard, rattle the sabre. I know there is a whole generation of people in the UK who hate Thatcher and think the Falklands war of '82 was wrong because we sank a ship and killed some people and blah blah blah. But those people are historically ignorant fuckwits and are welcome to comment, I'll just mock them with facts and abuse in equal measure because I have emotions approaching hatred for those kind of people. Weak people who like to whip themselves in a hair shirt to show how awesome and pious they are...In the absence of having a religious cause to follow, because they're secular (like me, but I am scientifically secular and seek no cause), they award themselves their own type of self and personal hatred to follow.......I'll leave it there, but there are whole essays to compile about self hating westerners, and the reasons behind their self imposed misery.

Anyway, I digress as usual. Oh yes...So Argentina then. It's going tits up, and is hence pestering the UK with its bullshit cause again. Give us back some land that is nearby and we think should be ours...And this isn't because there is potentially lots of oil around it. Kirchner wrote a letter to the UN and David Cameron, demanding that the UK talk to her re: sovereignty of the Falklands, and craftily published her letter in the Guardian and the Independent...The former paper is an uber leftie rag that is failing, read by the aforementioned self hating westerner types, the latter hides its left leaning nature behind the cloak of being independent. Being published in those papers gave her a chance of being heard by the flagilists who read them, the rest of us just point and laugh and mention that:
  • The Kelpers (Falkland Islands Population) have lived there since before Argentina gained independence from Spain.
  • Spain recognises the Falklands as British Territory.
  •  Argentina is a product of Colonialism, much of it was also stolen from Peru.
  • Argentina only exists because the Pope thought he had the right to divvy the globe up.
  • The UN dictates that everyone has the right to self-determination.
  • The Kelpers choose to be British.
  • Argentina invaded in 1982 and took the islands by force.
  • The captain of the Belgrano has publicly stated that the UK was well within its rights to sink it.
  • Argentina has been pushing its claim again, ever since oil was found.

Using Kirchner's argument, I propose that we claim big chunks of France for the UK, because they expelled us way back in history, and it's only 20 odd miles away at its closest. The Falklands are about 500km (300+ miles) away from Argentina, so since France is only 20 something away from the UK, surely that means we have a HUGE right to claim it then.

Oh and, get a load of this BBC Linky. The Have your Say comments are laughable, and populated by historically ignorant tossbags.

Some quotes, that I have annotated with my insightful and well argued responses...

"The way to defuse this is by making the Falklands as international and multi cultural as possible, so that all sorts of folk from all corners of the world can live and work there.

Digging in & flag waving is precisely wrong thing to do. That is playing the Argentine game. National boundaries are falling away everywhere. Increase Falklands links with Chile & Brazil. Only sensible way to carry on" My response. Oh fuck off.

"It is an island which is 8000 miles from the UK.

Give the Malvinas back, we don't want another war." My response. Oh fuck off.

"$6 Trillion, is the value of the 60 Bn barrels of crude under Falkland Islands.

Let's face it, the UK is going to do everything it can to keep six trillion dollars even if that means sending marmite to the islands every second week.

That will ensure they vote the right way at the election !! My response. Oh fuck off.

You get the point. Come the revolution, those tossbags will be in the soil quick sharp ;-)