Saturday, 21 April 2012

Team Building

Surely many of you have been subjected to these...Events.

Some management fool decides that in order to assemble a good team, they must force together a bunch of strangers and make them do things.

Who the hell thinks this is a good idea? Do they not realise that every single shy person loathes them. They're not given enough time to suss the terrain before introducing themselves to people, they have to stand up in front of strangers and reveal things. Torture.

Nothing worse than subjecting risk averse people to abseiling or things like that, it isn't empowering, it's a subtle form of domination.

I never had problems with these courses myself even though I hated the artificiality of them, I care not for others until I know them, and have no real shame or boundary to honestly expressing myself e.g. "My name is X, and I hate this kind of activity. I hope to survive this week by doing as little as possible and sitting quietly in the corner of the bar. If anybody prefers chat over enforced jocularity, then join me." The trainer usually shits them-self at this point, but I make the usual one of two excellent friends out of it, and everybody else knows not to bother me.

When being forced into "Decision making" activities with a new group, I resent how some prig always tries to be the leader, and the sheep instantly turn to them. When it becomes apparent that they're making poor decisions, I usually speak for the first time and stop the self anointed leader in their tracks with a simple and direct solution. I'm usually ignored until the team fucks up, and then the sheep decide that maybe I am worth something.

Now I have just had to 'lead' one of these events and the feedback I have received from the participants has been superb. Why? Simple. I opened with a session in the bar, saw who sat together, ensured that everybody had a friend when it came to actually doing something. We went to museums, we went to a race meeting at night. We drove go-karts and the leader-board was an 'only if you want to,' affair. We went to a comedy club, and my lectures were all very matter of fact and free of bullshit and I invited people to give their own examples rather than simply talk at them with my ideas.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Religion. Hmmmm.

Various religious leaders are busy harping on about the decline of humanity because we are no longer the slaves of perverts and control freaks. Religion has put so many people to death over the years, and continues to do so in more barbaric parts of the globe, if you object to surrendering your free will to a none provable construct...And we're expected to tolerate religion in the West, by law, in the workplace etc. You can have your views, fine, but never ever dare attempt to tell me that your views trump mine if you believe in a god or gods because you are wrong. Simple as that.
No need for an enormous too and fro argument of circular reasoning on behalf of religion, because faith is the only reason many people need...And I don't care for blind faith as evidence. These are some amazing things Religious people think re: science

  • The moon is only two/three/four thousand years old, it can't be older because Neil Armstrong would have sank up to his neck in all the dust
  • The earth is six thousand years old. FACT. Some guy added up all the generations mentioned in the bible. This can't be disproved.
  • Continental drift is a lie
  • God put the dinosaur bones on earth to test us and make palaeontologists look stupid when they get to heaven
  • Carbon dating is a lie because some guy put a live moth under there(?) and it said it was a million years old
  • Molecules and atoms are a lie, there's no proof we or anything else is made of them. We're not meant to know, it's god's will
  • You can't explain gravity, or even the weather so don't even try. Nobody can say where rain comes from or what makes wind.

This is genius level trolling. Nobody can be this stupid for real.

Sick of trying to reason with religion, it is beyond reason and it is are holding back the development of humanity. People even think that prayer saves lives, as in the case of Muamba where apparently it was prayer that helped him through, not years of scientific research and medical training...If you want to help people recover from illness or strife then, next time the collection plate is passed around at Church, give your cash directly to a hospital or medical school, you'd do more good for your fellow man than simply praying.

Friday, 13 April 2012

National Penis Envy

So North Korea decides to attempt to lob a ballistic missile, sorry Satellite, into space to show how much of a badass it is.

I say attempts...The rocket exploded shortly after take-off showering ego and mania all over the sea. I pray for the poor scientists who will probably be held accountable by some trumped up little retard, and punished accordingly.

Sadly I can only think that the rulers of North Korea must have very very tiny penises what with the amount of over compensation they always show the world.

One day, the people of NK will be free...Until then, they must crap themselves every day just in case their own children rat them out to the commissars or army in exchange for a bar of chocolate. Remember that failure to agree that the great leader has an elegant, long and thick penis is a shooting offence.

What a retarded system of government! China needs to take a step back and stop protecting these nutjobs or else they'll be the first ones to set off a suitcase sized dirty bomb in a major city somewhere...It's all about saving face in their culture you see. Failure to erect a massive f**k you in front of the world, swollen and bobbing about, means they'll have the do the paranoid dictator version of buying a sportscar, and hurting somebody in retaliation.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A sign of the times?

Woman, 19, raped by footballers.

Having taught at a secondary, a few years ago now, that wasn't very good...The number of girls I knew of whose life ambition amounted to wanting to shag a footballer and snaring them was legion. Hence, I often have a very hard time seeing this from the female perspective. You're hanging out with a load of testosterone fuelled meat-heads...You're pretty, you're obviously drawing attention to your availability...You end up in close proximity to the footballers in a hotel room with them ...I will say no more.

I don't agree with rape, and I certainly do not condone boorish laddish behaviour, I view such people as arseholes in need of a good horsewhipping. But, there is one victim in this whole sorry matter, it's called self respect.