Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Biased Broadcasting Corporation

Yes it is a cliché, but this is only a small example and hey, I like to kick the bee hive from time to time.

The BBC appear to be putting the boot into Borris's buses.

Notice how the headline on the 'most popular' is "New Routemaster Bus Breaks Down!" This being the headline, it will stick in your mind if you choose not to read the story, thus making you think that the Routemaster buses were a crap idea....Although if you do, you're probably aware of the power of marketing, Veblen goods etc...The new Routemaster is attempting to be a marketable icon. At the very least it is different.

Only if you click on the story are you told that the bus ran out of fuel on the M1 because somebody forgot to fuel it at london before driving it to the Millbrook testing ground.

The copy on the main England page hides the fuel issue in smaller text under the charge of breaking down. Breaking down implies mechanical failure to me, and probably everybody else with more than half a brain. Running out of fuel happens to tossers, but isn't the fault of the vehicle.

But that doesn't let some news editor, with an axe to grind, show Borris in a bad light now does it...Or am I being cynical? Still want to wipe out the BBC though :D

Again disclaimer for anybody who doesn't get that the last statement is a joke.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Hurricane Bawbag

Ignoring all the media joy at the entertainingly christened Hurricane Bawbag, this is probably one of many 'wind events' we'll get this year. Our experience of winter weather, heavily depends on what the jet-stream is up to. Judging by past winters, I guess this one will be mild but blowy simply because the jet-stream appears to want to be over the top of the UK this year.

Often wondered why it's not mentioned as much in UK weather forecasting as it is in the USA.

Last year the jet-stream was south of us most winter, so we had cold polar air sat on top, freezing our proverbial off. This year, it has been slap bang over the UK for most of December, hence every Atlantic low pressure system is being dragged over our heads in succession...Windy windy. If the jet is north of us, then we get mild and damp winters.

Take a look at where it is.