Saturday, 28 May 2011

I despair at the human race.

I did write a long winded argument decrying how social comforts and too much choice allow people to think they can do stupid fucking things that need nipping off at the bud...But, to be honest...The only people I care about in this issue are the kids...I fear they will be damaged by their upbringing, and will certainly be damaged by the application of societal pressure to conform, because those pressures will be issued by children who are hardly the most diplomatic beings on the planet.

Many of you may have seen an OU show that focused on childhood development, and in one nasty scene the dry commentary is busy explaining how the children were imposing order in the playground in a primitive manner i.e. some poor kid in a snorkle parka was being followed and pushed about by a jeering mob...You then hear the camera crew shout at the bullying mob and the dry commentary continues "This behaviour is interrupted when the camera-crew choose to apply their own adult societal perspective and intervene." Rightly so.

These kids will be bullied to fuckery, and that is wrong.

I'm reminded of Psamtik I and his experiment to see where language came from by wrecking the lives of some children.

Whilst this could be seen as no different to what people do all the time with their children, i.e. impose their views upon them and create semi-clones or religious nutjobs etc...This little scenario seems to fly in the face of nature, hormones, chromosomes etc.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Fish Finger dinner

The humble fish finger sandwich is a work of art.

I'm sure that Jamie Oliver has made a version for laddish twats...Probably called it something like 'Jamie's Dad's Post Pub Finger banger...' Complete with a poorly written back story about said relative naming it after some night out cavorting or other...And the sheeple lap it up and buy lots of his books.


Fish fingers...How many? 4 of course, 2 slices of white, a cheese slice and some mayo. Then if you're feeling particularly hungry (perhaps after a poorly written back story event) make another 4 fish finger sarnie, on white, but this time with Maggi sauce on them.