Sunday, 27 October 2013

Screw you NIMBYS

I hate NIMBYs, I utterly loathe them.

I loathe them and their lies, their deceit, their short sighted approach to the world, and their selfish nature. They are costing people jobs and lives, and we should simply stop listening to the useless sods.

That (IMHO) useless Milliband has motioned that that useless Balls is going to make a decision about HS2 if they get elected. If you elect them, you really have fallen for the "free money for everybody," bollocks that Labour always throw around...And again, for that you must die you simpleton.

Right now, the West Coast, Midland and East Coast Mainlines are either full or approaching capacity. The UK has seen year on year increases in the demand for rail. We need more room for freight, and we need more room for commuters. We cannot accommodate them on the Victorian network we have now. No amount of expansion will work, because we have tried that and it failed. I could link yards of evidence, I could link models showing how trains running at the same speed = increased capacity. I could link case studies of redevelopment from 'less developed' countries than us that show an improved economy in cities that have been connected to High Speed Rail. But I won't. It's too much effort to do, in the knowledge that like religious zealots, antis will not read it. They have already formed their own pathetic and false conclusion that HS2 is about getting rich businessmen to London 20 minutes quicker...Or is about friends of the Tories getting massive construction contracts.

Antis, NIMBYS call them what you will, I am sick of them and so will simply call them deluded thick fools with heads filled with utter bullcrap who are selfishly denying progress to future generations. I loathe them for this.

Years of disruption on the WCML lead to a shed load of cash out the door, and very little improvement in capacity because slow freight, stopping commuters and high speed intercity trains simply do not mix. Right that's your lot. Time to ladle on the abuse some more.

Antis like to point out that the pro' campaigners are worried, as though being worried implies you've lost the debate. Yes we worry...We worry about the antis because hearts rule heads in many cases. Human beings are very often ill informed, and listen to those who shout the loudest, rather than those who put forward a factually robust case that is outlined in a calm and rational manner.

HS2 is a good thing for the nation, there is no doubt about that. The fact that there are people who would be uncomfortable about this statement demonstrates instantly that human beings listen to the shouts over the logic.

Antis stand in the way of progress. They limit the opportunities and life choices of future generations, and yet award themselves the right to be smug about their actions. They think they are fighting an evil, and yet cling to bullcrap arguments like "It's easier to widen the WCML!" or "It will cost £80bn!" They haven't got a clue, and yet their ignorance, selfishness and closed thinking could cost this country billions in investment, jobs, lives... 

The latter point is contentious but suicide often occurs in young males because they feel they have no prospects and thus feel useless. Screwing the Norths chances of connecting to the jobs and prospects created by the global marketplace that is London (and remember, improving commuter services into London, freight links across the UK etc) because of your 'wrong' ideology, is insulting and dangerous.

I loathe anti's. I have loathed them ever since I saw Swampys smug face on HIGNFY.

Get some facts down you and I might listen. Cling to selfish ignorance, and you deserve only ridicule.

"'s my opinion!"

Yes, and your opinion is dogturd. Get over it and move on. Or just die already, I'm sick of hearing your wrong opinions and your wrong lives offend me.

If you fancy putting a spoke in the works of NIMBY pricks, do what I do. You know all these NIMBY prick websites have a little share button that lets you tell the department of transport how you feel. Well click on it, and then point out that NIMBY pricks need gassing.

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