Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Simple Arguments for Simple People

This should be the slogan for the Labour Party.

They promise the Earth, the easy life, the better times. They never say how they'll pay for it, only dish out some vague notion of taxing the rich and big business and everybody seems to fall for it.

They did such an amazing job last time that I'll believe them. Idiots. Cozying up to business and putting their snouts in the tough was all they did, not to mention spending more money than the country earned whilst times were good, and saying they'd cured boom and bust. FFS.

The Tories are hateful, they cut, they chop, they stay at the top...I lost my job because of their policies. A well paid job with prospects it was too, and I'm about £6kpa away from where I was even now...And about £20kpa away from where I would be. This is the amount that Bale pays for toilet paper I am sure, but it means a lot to me and my pension etc. Do I blame the Tories? Nope. Somebody has to pay for the mess, and I'd rather take a short sharp kick in the ass, than years of being punched in the bollocks by Labour policies.

The arrogance of Labour is to make our grandchildren pay for our largesse, whilst still claiming they're doing a good job because "Schools and Hospitals *cough on credit cough* man."

Meanwhile, the beeb and liberal media lap it up.

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