Tuesday, 1 February 2011

New TV Comedy

So. Plenty of new comedy on TV at the moment.

Fast and Loose?

Notice Dan Patterson (the man behind Whose Line is it Anyway), is the driving force of this little show. I quite like it, simple throwaway fun for a Friday...Plus it brings Laura Solon and her square (yet somehow alluring) jaw to the screen, and I've always had a thing for Jess Ransom after seeing her in Georgian finery on the Armstrong and Miller show, being chatted up in a most salacious way.

10 o'clock live.

Charlie Brooker, Carr and Mitchell, churning out the same stuff with a hefty hint of bias, but then again that is what channel 4 is about. Entertaining, but having a baying student age audience kind of influences the style of humour that will get a laugh. Do like how Carr is clearly enjoying pushing the boundaries. Lauren is always going to make me throw out the question "what happened to the other females in Kenickie?" You remember them? The fat one? TV is cruel.

TV ruined your life

Charlie Charlie Charlie, what have you done? Chased the pound notes in order to fund your lifestyle (probably a millionaire with his missus now). It appears to be a straight forward regurgitation of Screenwipe, I have noticed several jokes and scenarios repeated...And since Screenwipe was his column turned into TV, it is a case of money for old rope. Cue lots of comments and clich├ęs from me in the vein of returning to the well once too often.