Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Mighty Boosch

I didn't get this until season 2...I was too busy dealing with it in my usual manner, being "Every other hipster and tosser likes it, so it's bound to be bollocks!" But then I was offered Baileys by Old Gregg and 'got' the message.

*adopts posh 1960s band member interview voice. Derek Smalls like timbre*

I think you'll find...yeah...That the Boosch are like the inner child, that wasn't correctly exorcised from your soul by the tedium of education...You know it's like, they're talking, Julian and Noel are talking to that part of you that really wants to throw a tantrum in B&Q because your inability to find the paint you want reminds you of a childhood episode in Great Mills DIY, where your mum bought you a packet of Revels when you wanted the Malteasers. She says they're the same, but they're not. The Malteasers in the Revels packet have been tainted by the volatiles emanating from the Orange and Coffee flavoured ones.

So yeah like...*audible sound of a herbal cigarette being enjoyed*...Noel is like the chaos of childhood, and Julian is like the order yeah. The two of them have this sort of ying-yang vibe going on that's totally...Different. I mean it's totally far out and removed from the norm.

Their comedy can speak across generations, if you let it take you. I surrendered to them a few years ago, but it took an Ayoade sized skit to force me through the tinsel drapes onto the stage of recognition, before the crowd of understanding, where I had to perform the monologue of absorption.

The monologue in question was called...The crunch.