Saturday, 25 January 2014

IT industry, full of pricks

I'm not talking about those at the bottom who do the donkey work, I'm talking about those who use the supposed voodoo of IT knowledge to rip off the taxpayer. Complete aresholes the lot of them. However, how have we let it get to the stage where IT companies can charge £30'000 to change the text on a webpage? I'll tell you. HR.

That's right. HR haven't got a f**king clue how to organise a piss up in a brewery, let alone decide on IT policy, and yet, and yet...HR are the go to guys/gals at work when it comes to deciding company policy and nailing it to your forehead. So what happens is, IT come in and say "we're highly skilled, don't let anybody touch anything IT related or else...they're bad hackers and selling state secrets to China! Make bad things happen to people who touch IT who are not allowed!"

So you end up with an out of date machine, that is clogged to f**k with old cache files, a fragged hard drive, and zero drivers/software for anything you want to use. You put in a request to have it updated because they control the admin passwords that would allow you to do anything. Naturally they then bill your company well over the odds for 20 minutes work. Indeed less than that, you just start the update cycle off and can do something else like play games. Being the admin, you have games on your machine don't you?

We were told we were not allowed to move PCs round our office once, in a military IT college full of real experts, not 20 year old technicians. Naturally, we did it anyway. "You'll have to flush the taps!" they told us. "Yes, indeed!" So we moved them, and saved the taxpayer several thousands. Some higher up then went ashen and told us that we were in breach of contract with the IT firm. The answer of all involved was "Don't tell them then. They're dicks!" And nobody knew the wiser. Problem solved, 2 hours work to move all the tables and hardware. The machines booted up just fine as we knew they would.

 If somebody rings up an IT helpdesk who has knowledge, patronise them because they don't have the admin passwords and say something entirely made up like "no, it's not that...Your computer has suffering X!" I can see right through your bullshit because I build and maintain my own PCs, and used to work in a highly specialised military technical college that taught IT and beyond. So up yours! Case in point the other day, a laptop could not play video files because the codec was out of date, so a corporate client looked like a fanny.

I could have resolved the issue in 5 minutes max with the admin password. I know how to bypass all of that shit, but if I did it, your thick as f**k minions in HR would probably seek instant dismissal for gross misconduct or something. Blanket application of rules to suppress knowledge does not impress me, it infuriates me you little Hitler bastards. If I didn't have a mortgage to furnish, I'd have done it and up yours. 

Basically, on a Dell laptop, there are websites out there that will let your crack the master BIOS password, for free. Enable the CD driver as the 1st boot device. Boot up a Windows password edit/removal program, spot the password that is ADMIN, and delete the password. Log in as admin (no need for password now). Update the PC, and fuck their fee and waste of your time. But hark, what is that, it's somebody from HR who doesn't understand the world, they want to put you back in your box...Here comes the disciplinary.

Now, as you can see this is why civil servants and other government types are so hamstrung in what they can/can't do. This is also why the IT industry can continue to rip everyone off. They hold the cards, they write the rules, and dammed be the little guy who says "ENOUGH! I know how to do all of what you do, and it will cost nothing!"