Saturday, 25 August 2012

Severn Barrage

...and it's back from the dead again There are some cracking statements from all the usual suspects the beeb wheels out in order to have balance. The RSPB, Friends of the Earth etc. Environmentalists always make me chuckle when it comes to the need for renewables. They harp on and on about the need for less CO2 emissions and more renewables, and usually demonstrate their scientific ignorance by photoshopping mushroom clouds behind pictures of Sizewell B, but whenever the government puts a proposal forward they change the record and start bemoaning the damage caused by this project.

Turbines, wah wah visual intrusion, noise pollution, think of the birds.
Solar, wah wah the CO2 cost in constructing them, visual intrusion.
Hydro, wah wah the CO2 cost in constructing dams, the landscapes lost forever, think of the fish.
Barrage, wah wah the CO2 cost in constructing it, the landscape lost, think of the birds and fish and mudflats.

SHUT UP or get in the mass grave I've made you dig yourself. Progress is happening, and needs to happen to continue the species, either get on board or die out. What alternative do these environmentalists envision? Do they want progress to reverse? Or do they want nothing to happen, no baby steps, no progress, until BAM out of nowhere, replicators and fusion power...And Logan's Run.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Olympic End

Well. Loved every minute of it. What an awesome show. I just hope that the younger generation are more inspired by the deeds of the worlds athletes and Olympians more than they are over-paid, over-hyped, fucking worthless footballers. I love watching the English football team having its arse handed to it. You do not represent me, you represent the hordes of sheeple whom I loathe.

Moving swiftly on.

The closing ceremony was a bit of a mish-mash, as promised by the organisers, but I enjoyed most of it, even the music I nomrally hate...Although the repeating the same songs bit when it took too long to filter the athletes into the stadium...That was just dull.

What were Muse up to though? Matthew Bellamy chucking himself all over the shop as usual...Can't do that in the Olympic Stadium, it's about the athletes and volunteers, not you. Plus the lyrics appeared to be taken from some soviet era mantra. Seemed to go something like "I'll fuck you up...You'll not shit on me...Because I'll tear you a new hole...You piece of shit...I'll fuck you up!" repeat ad-infinitum (I may have exaggerated for comic effect here)

George Michael turning the stadium into the worlds biggest gay bar was quite entertaining. I could see, in my minds eye, the more repressed and barbaric medieval nations on the planet getting a bit uppity and censoring the coverage with some religious wailing and pictures of their ruler.

Did anyone else feel bad for the athletes? I'd have been weeing into a pint pot after the first hour...I would have had to forgo a drink prior to being herded into the flag segments.

Oh. and stomp...I've always loathed stomp since I saw them on Blue Peter when I was a lad...I hated the whole "oh look at this new art form," vibe about it. It hasn't improved.

Letting Brian May dick around with the Red Special was a nice touch, and boy does the world miss Freddie.

Nice little bit of Floyd, Wish you Were Here...Very apt. Sadly I'm not a royal or important so I couldn't get tickets to be there. Nick Mason lurking on drums though...But where was Gilmour?

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Olympic fun

The opening ceremony was awesome. Defused my cynicism....

The events so far have been pleasing. The media has been whipping everybody up into a storm and then losing their shit when the 'mere' athletes fail to perform. Asian countries have been caught out's what happens when you get too competitive and see the Olympics as 'yet another' chance to prove the mighty West isn't as mighty was it was. Why don't you chill out Asia, and stop viewing life as one big dick comparison...We might then make our way to Mars and beyond united, instead of perishing in the inevitable oil shortage induced nuclear fire.

Borris is his usual ebullient self. Even getting hung up on a zip-wire couldn't make him suffer a ratings bashing...If anything, the very fact he doesn't take anything seriously, and holds his hands up when things go wrong, and swears at Livingstone when riled etc...Well it just demonstrates a certain honesty to me. I much prefer people who wear their hearts on their sleeves, than slimy bastards like Blair and Cameron...You never know what slimy bastards are trying to hide. With Borris, it's already out in the open, and he's trodden it up and down the mat.

One thing that does entertain me is this...Hollande having a go at the UK re: our shortage of medals, and our winning the Olympics bid.

Since this news broke, the UK has overtaken France in the medals table; and whilst I do not care about medals...the very idea that a French President is using it as a length measuring device...Get stuffed you jealous chode. I do not even care if France overtake us again and are above us in the table at the end. I would rather the French President grew up a little though.

Oh and, well done Team GB.