Monday, 17 December 2012

Fuel Rage

Why is it that the rest of the human race are such simpletons?

ASDA petrol station near me has its entrance placed in such a way that if muppets make a queue above a certain length, then the whole entrance to the retail park is blocked AND this blockage then spreads miles across town.

So, strolling past today, there was a queue of f-ing simpletons all lined up indicating to go into the petrol station and blocking the place solid again.

Why the f**k don't they just think..."You know what, since I'm not an inconsiderate C word, I think I'll come back another time rather than sit here with the arse of my car blocking the entrance to the retail park this close to Christmas."

These same f-ing simpletons then lazily fill their cars with zero sense of urgency, and/or fight with the card payment machine...And go and get somebody out of the superstore to fill the receipt machine because they can't read the f-ing instructions that say you can insert your card into another machine at a later date to get the receipt you so desperately need in order to claim your VAT back from the British taxpayer.

I watched them today...Oh yes I watched them...and I plotted to hang them with rope darts Assassins Creed 3 style. But seriously, having observed the simple lack of ability that people have regards thinking about the wider consequences of their actions...I wish for a great cleansing. A cull of the stupid, a slaughter of the blinkered and a mass burial of the great fuckwittery that infests my nation.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Another School Shooting

This. Time for much grief tourism me-thinks. Look at me, I've commented on tragedy, that makes me important...Can I have some views/likes please? Fucking idiots.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


So, the number of foreign-born residents in England and Wales has risen by nearly three million since 2001 to 7.5 million people, the 2011 census shows. As usual the left are busy saying "Daily Mail," over and over again, as though this is enough to stifle debate over how people are feeling regards this issue that began on Neue Arbeit's watch. The right are being mocked and told not to discuss it as always because a casual use of the 'racist' card = people rightly pissed off and wronged. Does make me laugh as to how some of the most racist and conservative people I know, are habitual Labour voters...Clinging to some bygone ideal that the Labour party are the party of the common man.

Most people find it hard to debate somebody once they've thrown the racist card onto the table. Partly because you want to knock the smug and wrong little shits teeth down their throat, but also because no matter how much logic and reason you use, the card players think they're Jesus and/or their shit doesn't stink.

As a former teacher, I used to love playing with people's opinions with regards these difficult questions. Phrase a question as something multi-culti and friendly e.g. "Should we welcome people from other countries here, to settle and escape hardship...Share the wealth Amen." and all the nicely Labour educated kids would nod and agree and pat each other on the back about how welcoming and understanding they are. Then I would play with it and ask "Should we build houses, power stations, sewerage works, motorways, high-speed rail?" and there would be a chorus of disapproval. So, how are we going to accommodate the needs of all these people we welcome to the country then...If we don't build anything? You could see all their faces drop...Does not compute.

I love to throw this into debates with token lefties the far gone ones and not the general nice people, who are educated liberal, but the twats...How many people who are in favour of mass immigration have opposed new housing developments in their area either on brownfield or green-belt land? In my experience there is a broad link between such immigration advocates and 'Nimbys'. They turn purple and try to play the race card, my answer being "put that shit back in the deck and address the wider issue...Our country is a rather full tiny little island...Judging by the amount of traffic on the roads, the amount of energy we use and the amount of turds we flush, we are near full-to-burst. It's not about race, colour, creed or gender; it's about space and looking after those we have already! Do you agree?"

Usually I have them marching off in anger to find somebody who agrees with them...Somebody who likes to live in their happy little box of multi-culti love, and yet who tends to live in the burbs and sends their children to an all white British school.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

RIP Patrick Moore

Saddened to hear of the death of Patrick Moore. It'll probably surprise nobody that I like dishevelled opinionated amateur clever people. Watched Sky at Night for years with my dad, still watch it today, but have noticed him take less and less of an active role for the last 5 years or so...That's sadly what age does to you. We'll all get there some day, if we live well...Old and failing.

There's something humbling about pondering the vastness of the universe and I'll miss Patrick there as part of my continuing education re: the cosmos.

Can always remember the Beagle 2 Christmas fiasco when light entertainers were attempting to make Beagle into some kind of family event, and Clive Anderson ended up pissing Patrick off with his childish babbling. Science is science, there are shows to make it accessible out there that don't patronise the experts, and Patrick's show was one of them. Deep but accessible...How long will it last in its current format before they destroy it.