Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A sign of the times?

Woman, 19, raped by footballers.

Having taught at a secondary, a few years ago now, that wasn't very good...The number of girls I knew of whose life ambition amounted to wanting to shag a footballer and snaring them was legion. Hence, I often have a very hard time seeing this from the female perspective. You're hanging out with a load of testosterone fuelled meat-heads...You're pretty, you're obviously drawing attention to your availability...You end up in close proximity to the footballers in a hotel room with them ...I will say no more.

I don't agree with rape, and I certainly do not condone boorish laddish behaviour, I view such people as arseholes in need of a good horsewhipping. But, there is one victim in this whole sorry matter, it's called self respect.

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