Friday, 30 March 2012

Burned yourself?

Would you ever consider decanting petrol into a glass, in your kitchen when the gas hob is on?

If yes...

...You're an idiot. That's you. Not the government. Not the fuel tanker drivers. Not the media who have whipped you up into a frenzy. That's you = an idiot.

If no...You have just passed the common sense test, and do not deserve severe burns.

I imagine that an idiot burning themselves with petrol they caused to ignite via their own lack of forethought is the kind of thing that the media would love to put a spin on... oh look what is happening here?

I would vote Baroness Warsi a million times over if she'd have just laughed and said "What an idiot!"

Forgive me, but I would like to think we're capable of looking after ourselves as a species, and it triggers a darkly comic despair when people fail to live up to a minimum standard. Not saying I am perfect, but I tend to ask for help or look for guidance if doing something for the first time. If unsure, I would look up "How to decant petrol," on google or something similar. But fire + petrol? Give me strength, it is not the place of the government to wipe people's arses for them.

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