Friday, 13 April 2012

National Penis Envy

So North Korea decides to attempt to lob a ballistic missile, sorry Satellite, into space to show how much of a badass it is.

I say attempts...The rocket exploded shortly after take-off showering ego and mania all over the sea. I pray for the poor scientists who will probably be held accountable by some trumped up little retard, and punished accordingly.

Sadly I can only think that the rulers of North Korea must have very very tiny penises what with the amount of over compensation they always show the world.

One day, the people of NK will be free...Until then, they must crap themselves every day just in case their own children rat them out to the commissars or army in exchange for a bar of chocolate. Remember that failure to agree that the great leader has an elegant, long and thick penis is a shooting offence.

What a retarded system of government! China needs to take a step back and stop protecting these nutjobs or else they'll be the first ones to set off a suitcase sized dirty bomb in a major city somewhere...It's all about saving face in their culture you see. Failure to erect a massive f**k you in front of the world, swollen and bobbing about, means they'll have the do the paranoid dictator version of buying a sportscar, and hurting somebody in retaliation.

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