Friday, 9 March 2012

Words fail me, again

Is this video as racist as I think it is? It's a pro-EU enlargement propaganda video, paid for out of our taxes without asking our permission.

Thing is, it seems to show that if the countries of the EU combine, we can stop the Chinese, Muslims and generic Black people from causing trouble.

Words fail me! A friend commented that it would be much more entertaining if the woman in the yellow was Angela Merkel, yet another commented that there isn't enough spandex in the EU for that to happen.

But, where are the British media in all this? I would have expected the Guardian to be up in arms over this, pulling out the race card etc...But I think they're merely confirming my suspicions that their pro-EU bias stops them from objectively commenting on the bad things about the EU. They prefer to stay silent, and yet accuse the Daily Mail of X, Y and Z crimes against humanity if the Mail picks up on them. Go Guardian, it is yet another paper lacking in objectivity and yet held up as some sort of paragon of virtue by the ignorant. 


Anonymous said...

a) "Paid with our taxes without asking for our permission" (!) Do you really think that elected governments have to ask about the making of an advert? Do you propose a referendum for each and every government decision that implies an expenditure?

b) I do not see racism. Do I have a problem? On the other hand I find your friend's comment about the amount of spandex needed to dress Ms Merkel of rather poor taste.

c) You should stop expecting the Guardian to publish your opinions because both of you obviously think differently. So please stop accusing them of X, Y and Z crimes agains humanity when they don´t do as you (in your biased ignorance) think they should.

Dripfed said...

Depends...If I directly elect the government, I give them some credit.

If they have an unelected system of Commissioners lurking at the top, and depose elected governments to further their own aims etc...Then I tend not to want to listen to them.

Point 2. Blond women vs a Chinese man, a Muslim man and a Black man. All of whom sit down and submit in the centre of white unity? Eeeeek.

Since the Guardian totally ignores things like this, to appeal to its own readership, I imagine it would prefer to keep you ignorant of anything you would consider challenging or off message.

Read Private Eye, it pokes ample holes in the self acclaimed veneer of respectability the Guardian likes to assume (don't worry it slags off the right wing media as well).

Re: Merkel. Obvious joke is obvious. Frankie Boyle writes far far worse in The Sun.

Thanks for commenting :-)