Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Leaked Letter

So Vince Cable is being accused of attacking the coalition etc etc. Bullshit people, he is not...Read the letter, go on, read it! We'll discuss the ethics of the media reading a letter marked 'private' later...Have you read the letter now? Good.

  • Vince mentions many failings from the previous administration.
  • Vince spots a number of areas the UK does well in.
  • Vince eyes potential solutions for a few problems.
  • Vince is respectful and courteous to Number 10.
  • Vince is doing his job, suggesting ways that Number 10 can improve things to help UK business.
There is nothing in the letter that I see as being overtly threatening or wrong in any way shape or form.

Since the letter was supposed to be private, we shouldn't even be having this discussion. I wish the UK population would pull their heads out of the media's backside and stop being quite so drip-fed.

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