Saturday, 24 March 2012


What a beautiful city it is. Despite costing a Kings ransom to take a train into the centre, it's always much more relaxing than piloting the car into that melee of angry people who think they know how to drive, and demonstrate their skill to you by ignoring the entire 160 pages of the Highway Code.

Visited Greenwich and the Royal Observatory et al today in the glorious Spring sunshine. The ladies were not wearing much, the men were strutting their stuff in beach shorts and fucking stupid hats, and children were the badly behaved and the usual unselfaware little shits that society has bred today. Must have smirked at about 3 kids who got clobbered by the knees of the crowd...

When I were a lad, I used to stay close to my parents and ensured I wasn't in the way of other people. I think I had an understanding of physics that today's kids just don't...I was small, if struck by a larger body, I would be hurt. More likely, it's because kids know their parents wrap them in cotton wool and let them get away with anything, oh and they fly off the handle at the adult who accidentally has their stupid kid walk into them. I suspect the overreaction has something to do with them being 'oh so right on' that they never discipline their own kids, hence the natural instinct to lay into the badly behaved little shit is transposed onto the first available adult. Do remember when a kid ran out of a shop and into my knee once, and the mum rounded on me...She was rather upset when I told her to "piss off you cheeky mare" and advised her to learn to keep her kids under control.

Was also rather annoyed by the way modern human beings are unable to deduce that walking 5 or 6 abreast on paths, thus blocking them, is rather selfish...Forcing other people to walk on the grass or wait for you to pass is simple bad manners. Unperturbed by this, I knifed my way through them in a ruler straight line with stiff elbows and Pink Floyd's Live in Pompeii in my ears. Again people, physics, I am have mass and I am directing it at your solar plexus...You haven't earned the right to be treated with respect because you're deliberately avoiding my helpful eye contact that I am hoping to use to advise you that I will not walk into the bushes in order to allow you to continue using obvious and pathetic chat-up lines on the females in your group. The little look of surprise they give when struck is a pleasure to witness, and the ones who say something never quite expect the pre-prepared response I give along the lines of " I figured you must have thought you could walk through me or something since you blocked the entire path. Don't work like that sunshine!"

Those members of the human race under age 26, could do with about 15 minutes in a fire. Ah, the joys of mild sociopathy.

99% of the day was awesome otherwise, and the Shard is a beauty...As is watching the sunset almost directly behind the Houses of Parliament.

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