Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tales from Skyrim

Skyrim. The northern most country on the continent of Tamriel. Populated by Nords, basically Viking types. The video game Skyrim is set in the aforementioned continent (natch).

This is my character, sat upon my his fine steed...Mr. Sugarlumps.

Notice I am a High-Elf, Altmer, dressed in my finest Elven armour, looking very swish and superior. I like to strut around as a God amongst mortals :D
Knowing all about Skyrim's politics as you do, you're probably aware that the Altmer are part of the Thalmor and the Nords don't like them very much. With this in mind, it was rather entertaining to be allowed to Waltz into the court of Ulfric Stormcloak (chief Nord freedom fighter) in Windhelm without an eyelid even flickering. I was then able to engage in conversation with Ulfric and join his little revolution, and was entrusted with valuable mission data that could have allowed the Thalmor to destroy Ulfric totally with very little effort. Only one minor character thought to sneer "Elf" at me as I walked past.

Another little spot, I do like how my house in Windhelm, still has the bloodstains all over it from an earlier quest scenario involving lots of brutal murder in there! You'd think the steward would have cleaned it for me at some point during the redecoration. Yes, I do like to show my guests "murder corner," where lots of women have been dismembered. Then I wheel out the truckle bed and let them sleep over the gore stains. I find it stops unwelcome relatives from making repeat visits.

To add a little background...A sad moment occurred last night...They...they...Those fucking Forsworn (another faction)...They killed Mr. Sugarlumps!

I spent the next few hours systematically exterminating them without mercy. It's what he would have wanted, after a paradisical carrot.

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