Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Biased Broadcasting Corporation: Part 2

On a day when the government was able to bring the amount of public borrowing down by £2bn pounds in contrast to last year. All this in order to rescue the public finances from the utter chodes who pissed our cash to the wall with gay abandon...What do you think the BBCs headline is?

Government Debt at record of £1tn.

Great way to spook the sheeple BBC. Great way to flog your anti-Tory agenda. Yes debt is rising, but it is rising at a slowly reducing rate, and hopefully the budget will balance soon enough, allowing the country to pay down some debt and look to the future. I know that the devil is in the detail, but you're well aware that a high percentage of readers only ever read the headline, and your headline will make people think that all the pain and hurt we are suffering (I have felt it too) has been for nothing. But you always did like Labour in charge, even if they are idiots IMHO.

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