Saturday, 10 April 2010


Dripfeeds...So what the hell are they then?

Well, consider it a metaphor, if you're ever woken vomit caked in hospital having spent the previous evening supping from mother natures firey cup of Alco-fun...You'll more than likely have been hooked up to a nice plastic tube and bag o' saline. The Dripfeed. It sustains you, it helps you through the night, it ensures you don't lose your kidneys.

So a written dripfeed, I'd quite like it to be something that sustains you as well, and having once suffered from a Silent UTI that was bloody painful, at some point in the future I could advise you on how to keep your kidneys healthy (don't drink nothing but coffee for several days and miss a lot of sleep). At the very least, consider this something to enjoy after you have spent the evening imbibing.

I've spent my life being dripfed, a steady diet of lies, spin, crud, idiocy, prats and pillocks. But screaming at the TV or newspaper doesn't do it any more, the mental diarrhoea has to emerge somewhere or else I'll get the written equivalent of colon cancer.

The continual jockeying for position in the current UK elections has triggered an overload of bile I need to expel.

So. Drip feeds then...This is what they are. Random, irrelevant, but more than likely slightly centre right in opinion and brutally honest. Enjoy.

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