Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Great TV Debate

For the purposes of this election...I am a Tory. Thus would love to award victory to Cameron in tonight's historic TV debate. But alas, I cannot.

In this matter, it was all about the TV debate. Nothing more, nothing less. Screw policy and the ability to stick to your argument etc. What people at home saw was the performance of these three individuals. Hence, whomever was more relaxed and convincing in front of the camera, (not in front of the audience) would come out on top.

Both Gord' and Dave' had huge expectation on their shoulders...A colossal weight on them, I admire both of them for not having stress related heart failure to be honest! Nick had none of that pressure, he had nothing to lose. Thus, no matter what he said, his body language was that of somebody at ease, somebody who exuded assuredness and confidence. The camera notices these things, and boy was it apparent.

Gordon pissed me off when he began to lecture Cameron like a headmaster "David, David..David...What I want you...etc!" Cameron pissed me off when he stuck to his Jobs Tax line (Jesus Christ man, you have so much more to offer, I ranted!). But Nick, free from pressure, and knowing that both Cameron and Brown cannot afford to alienate him in a potential hung parliament situation...Well, he was loving it, and boy did it come across.

The internet polls are strongly Clegg, as expected...Labour 2nd, and Cameron 3rd. To be honest, I expected this from the internet demographic where left leaning ideas and a youthful audience are prevalent (once people start paying shit loads of tax, or began to plough through neo-socialist paperwork and targets, they turn Tory).

Sky is placing Cameron as the Winner...What a surprise! Other agencies put Cameron second.

In my heart of hearts, I wanted Cameron to walk this, I expected him to walk it...He is the most natural performer at PMQs and Tory conferences...But he didn't. The weight of expectation and the unfamiliar environment seemed to stifle him a little. I hope that with the fear of the unknown removed, he will kick ass next time. But I think Clegg will continue to walk the TV debates unless he overtakes Labour as the second place party! Then things may change as the pressure would mount on him to deliver a result.

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