Monday, 12 April 2010

The Manifesto of Labour

Ah, so the election continues to rumble on...Today we were treated to the delights of Gordon launching the Labour manifesto in a brand new hospital in Birmingham. He took the time to point out that without Labour in charge, this new edifice would not have been constructed and so Labour are obviously great.

He didn't point out that it has been constructed under that notorious debt hiding device PFI...Whereby the taxpayer has to fork out a shed-load more on interest payments over a long period of time in order to purchase the hospital. The lie of PFI is what props up Gordon's economic record. Using the nation's credit card to buy big new shiny things to distract us all with. It certainly makes it look as though Labour had the readies to fund big change, but then again I would also look comparatively wealthy to my peers if I spent thousands of pounds on electrical goods using my credit card. My appearance of stability would soon tumble when the bailiffs came looking for things to take to satisfy my creditors.

This I believe is why people are somehow still being hoodwinked by the great lie of Labour's economic record. They made the same mistakes during the boom years, rather than save up to buy the plasma screen, they bought it on credit and are only now discovering that it takes a lot longer to shift debt than they at first thought. Rather like Labour, they choose to ignore the bill and pay it later over a long long long period of time. Initially this seems less painful, but the debt remains, like a millstone, for a lot longer. Hence, people have a sort of unwritten empathy with sad old Gord' and choose to shrug and put up with his mistakes, because they suspect the Tories will repeat the 80s in order to sort the country out once more. That was a painful decade, but also a prosperous one.

I also did enjoy the cover of the Labour manifesto...Very old Socialist, and readily spoofable!

Cheers Monty.

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