Thursday, 29 April 2010

Gordon's Gaffe

We've waited a long time for it, and finally it happened...Gordon took us by the hand, and led us into the hall of monstrous gaffes.

This being written 20 hours later, I have had time to digest and discuss many points that have emerged from the swirl of issues the whole event highlights.

1) Gordon Brown did mean it,

The party line is that he said it in haste, he was letting off steam, he is mortified he said it, he respects everybody blah blah blah. Now, based on my experiences of life...When I vent at a difficult customer, or a pupil (used to teach), I bloody well meant it! The alternative is the slow accumulation of anger and rage, that would eventually lead to wielding a dumbbell against the unholy spawn of piss poor parents. In the complex social world we inhabit, the need to appease others for social advancement is a well understood construct. MPs and especially those in or seeking the highest elected office in the land, they will be playing by this rule since their jobs depend upon it. Gordon, vented about his core voters...He meant it.

2) Gordon misinterpreted what Mrs D. said.

I think he did. Every member of the great unwashed obviously knows less than Gordon because Gordon is the PM...right? Bullshit. Mrs D. knows more about what goes on in her life, her estate, her local environment, than Gordon could ever possibly know, so when she mentions a problem with immigration, it's not based on watching Bernard Manning and the BNP manifesto, it is a response to the pressure of Labour's unchecked immigration policy, you remember it? The one designed to rub the rights face in it. So Gordon heard what she said, and misinterpreted it into her being a stupid member of the great unhosed.

3) Bigot, was not the only insult.

I am a public speaker, it is my bread and butter...There was much more contained within his Jaguar hosted rant. Let us analyse his words:

PM: That was a disaster. Should never have put me with that woman ... whose idea was that?

The stark tone of sneering bitterness in his opening remarks...He was genuinely angry about having concluded a very positive chat with a life long Labour core voter.

PM: It's Sue, I think. It's just ridiculous. (Muffled sounds)

He does spit out the word ridiculous with venom...Ridiculous is quite a strong word. Opening something up for ridicule, beneath contempt, wrong etc.

PM: Ugh, everything - she's just a sort of bigoted woman, said she used to be Labour. It's just ridiculous.

So, everything Mrs D. said was ridiculous...So there you go. The opinions of a core voter do not count to the PM. Again, his speech his full of venom, very bitter and cruel.

4) The media are quite, invasive.

Mrs D. reminded me of my gran, northern, core Labour, working class and proud but also with a very practical intelligence. A spade is a spade, whatever Mandelson says, kind of intelligence. Well, to see her being pursued by the media circus was quite remarkable and a little worrying. I genuinely feared for her since the media have been camping outside her door all day, and she has hired a PR agent etc. It must be quite an awful situation for somebody who isn't the type to parade themselves on the X Factor 24/7. The poor woman has been thrust into the spotlight because of the actions of a bullying and very rude PM. I may change my opinion of her if Mrs D. emerges into the spotlight in a tinsel get-up, milking her 15 minutes for all it is worth.

5) Spin Doctors are laughable.

Did you see the way Labour were trying to play it? Oh, he is human, he makes mistakes, but at least he apologises for them! Oh and look, Cameron got into an altercation with a man who HAD A DISABLED SON. The last point hasn't taken, and rightly so since Cameron didn't (or in the interests of fairness, there was no medium to record his after discussion words) patronise him, has had a disabled son himself, and had a good long old chat. Now, I couldn't give a flying fuck at a rolling donut here, Gordon was rude, he was caught, whatever way you spin it, the guy is a nasty piece of work. The very nature of spin tells me that a lot of the British public do not think how I think, they do not critically analyse something, put it into context, form an opinion and move on...Instead they remain open vessels for spin doctors to fill with carefully constructed facades.

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