Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ratings cut humiliating, says Labour

Well they would wouldn't they? The bunch of bellends.

Inheriting a stable economy, gaining an unfounded reputation as an Iron Chancellor, and then turning on the borrowed money taps in about 1999. Spending more than we earned until the wheels fell off the wagon in 2008, and then thinking that spending yet more money would be a great idea to save everything. "Hey, let's throw good money after bad, that'll work!" Cue total loss of face, but since the Tory party have always been the party that tries to live within our means, everybody hates them to a greater or lesser extent. We want the fun party back, the party that pisses money at every needy mouth in order to buy votes. Yey.

So this was going to be a rant about ratings agencies, and what a bunch of pricks they are...Playing a self fulfilling game must be so easy, just ask George Soros. Does what he wants, and since every swinging dick stock broker watches him and follows him, he can set the trends every-time. Gee, wonder how he does it? You fucking idiots. One day, ignore him and take him to the cleaners. Anyway, ratings agencies. Vote me, and I'd send black clad special forces guys to abduct all the MDs and senior decision makers, and just bury them in a ditch somewhere after hours of spectacularly excruciating torture. Screw my country over would you? Force the honest taxpayers to pick up the bill? Suffer.

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