Thursday, 4 April 2013

This is the End

North Korea, home of the lard assed man child in charge of a twitchy hated nation, will attempt to nuke nuke the USA.

I predict a bit of a cluster-fuck will ensue.

Most other countries will stand their ground, agog, for 24 hours to work out what exactly is happening and digest the rolling news footage of unimaginable carnage and then Israel will take the opportunity to attack Iran/Syria.

China and Russia who were silent whilst North Korea received the justice due its leaders, but not the people (although innocent people always die in war, sadly), will defend Iran and Syria

The war will spread, the USA will demand a cessation to hostilities, China and Russia will point to the crater that is North Korea, Iran and Syria and simply say they're stopping the rot. The USA will not take this insult well, nor will NATO.

WWIII...or something like that.


This whole cluster-fuck will take place in slow motion, and I will sit and watch the mushrooms growing from a hilltop...Whilst Massive Attack's Teardrop surrounds me until oblivion.

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