Saturday, 16 February 2013

What do you do with a drunken sailor?

"Figures obtained by the BBC show that there have been more than 300 disciplinary incidents in the past three years on the navy's 13 submarines, including 42 cases of misconduct or unfitness through alcohol or drugs." Now. I know why the BBC is doing this. Some wanky arsed little journalist type, who is anti-military and probably heavily left-wing, thinks the public should not vote for replacing Trident. Hence, this is a little dig, aimed at showing that the Navy is incompetent and/or incapable of handling weapons of such destructive force as the nuke.

 The reasons to keep the nuke are simple.
  •  The UK is no longer an imperial power. 
  • The world is becoming increasingly unstable. 
  • We will be fighting over resources soon enough. 
  • Iran, N. Korea would have no qualms about first strike...Can't let those zealots take all. 
  • The Iranian government is run by a death cult that prefers the afterlife to life. 
  • We would have no say in global affairs without the biggest stick of all in our back pocket.

 I do know that there are liberals out there who think we'd carry on as normal without the nuke, but we wouldn't. No we wouldn't. Far more goes on behind the scenes than you'd ever realise. So, this piece intends to highlight that the navy is bad m-kay. Well, prepare your anus journalist. These figures you have obtained demonstrate to me that the system works. Drunken people are apprehended and punished appropriately, you have provided a list of figures that prove this. End of discussion. Learn more.

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