Monday, 27 February 2012


BBC3 isn't really aimed at me is it? No it isn't...I'm young, but happier on BBC4 where TV talks to me, not to my navel.

Give me a Meades documentary over Morally Bankrupt Women on Holiday series 2 any day of the week. But, since I enjoy Family Guy and American Dad, and these shows are broadcast on 3, I am forced to endure their advertising from time to time.

Now, forgive me if I am reading this wrong but, Pramface appears to be about a woman who gets pregnant after a one night stand with a 16 year old nerdy bloke. Great. What a premise. Now let's deal with this moral failure of society with light humourus overtones and...No please don't. This one should have died in the womb of creativity and been flushed.

I don't wish to be the arbitrator of the UK's values, who am I kidding I would love it! But I just find these kind of TV shows to be cheap, nasty and a poorly thought out excuse for mild titillation. Hey she's pregnant, just so all you people know that he ejaculated in her...Tee hee, and he's 16...tee hee...He got to see her lady bits and everything, just like all you people in our demographic are aching to do...tee hee.

The internet is out there...There is soooo much porn on it. Do yourself a favour TV bods, teenagers no longer need mild titillation thrown into TV shows, they need a break from a one handed work-out.

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