Friday, 17 February 2012

Money after office

Gordon Brown earns £1.4 million after leaving office. Super, smashing, great. So it seems being a woefully inept Prime Minister still leads to decent rewards. Never liked the man because he sat in the background behaving like a spoiled kid during the latter years of Tony Blair, demanding that the top job be his because it was supposedly promised to him in a shady deal forged in an Islington restaurant. Since Islington is the home of Champagne socialism, any deals made there should be classed as treason IMHO.

Where does the money come from to pay people £74k for a lecture? Who would pay? More importantly why would they pay to listen to the epitome of the dour Scot reeling off no anecdotes and giving weak smiles? I have delivered a fair few lectures in my time, and not to be too modest but most of them get cracking feedback, and my yearly rate is substantially less than that. It's insulting. Especially since if you read any of the biog's dealing with the death of New Labour, Gordon comes out of it as some kind of control freak, trying to keep hold of power as it slips from his grasp...Plus why the frick were the cabinet scared of him? Being hauled in for a hair-dryer if they stepped out of line, come on what is this? (hair-dryer = a man shouting loudly at you in rage) wouldn't make me scared because I'd have stood smirking in front of him, videoed his loss of control via  button hole camera, then leaked it to the press and laughed. You don't need to keep on side with somebody if you have the means to destroy them. It would have taken a gnats fart to topple him at one point, and then perhaps the country might have had the chance to vote on him being PM as seems only fair and proper in a democracy.

Most of Brown's online Youtube speeches and lectures appear to be nothing more than fanciful codswallop, espousing unfundable socialist dreams...Now I want a Star Trek like Utopia of free stuff, no need to do menial tasks to exist etc, as much as the next man...But those dreams are sadly unfundable at the moment, until we develop simple near limitless sources of energy and massive scale 3D printing technology (and that will not come from social engineering and bullshit idealism, it will come from well funded hard science!). So standing in front of an audience saying "I want this to happen!" is merely a simple crowd pleaser...Only being able to say "And this is how it will be delivered in the next X years!" would make me pay attention.

The real scandal is Tony Blair earning £12 million a year on the same lecture circuit...Well...£12 million...What the heck for? Does he dish out sexual favours afterwards? Does he perform miracle healing? At those prices the buffet had better be bloody amazing!

I never fell for his bull. He introduced tuition fees on my generation within seconds of the 1997 election, after heavily implying that he would not...Instant tosser. But £12 million...Have you seen his speeches or his lectures? Why is he held up as some kind of quality public speaker? He frequently pauses in unnatural places, he sounds like some kind of insincere car salesman, and his quasi-evangelical facial expressions invite being worked over with brass knuckles. I suppose my criticism hints at the truth...The sheeple are seduced by all the simple bluster and charm this man possesses, they are unable to peel off the 'very' thin veneer to reveal that it's all style and no substance, and perhaps that comforts them.

Witness Blair vs Hitchens, a debate on religion to witness Tony having his ass utterly handed to him by a 'true' and now dearly departed public speaker.

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