Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Actors. Keep your nose out of politics.

Actors of the world...If you achieve a certain level of success, wealth prestige and power is shuffled your way, undeservedly so IMHO...All you do is pretend to be somebody else for money. Great. There's a skill that the world really, really does need.

So anyway, after a few years at a certain level in society, you may feel you are entitled to voice your opinion on matters such as politics, charity etc.

Sean Penn is the latest one who has voiced his opinion, and has chosen to voice it re: The Falkland Islands. A few islands near South America that have been inhabited by British people since 1833, and who's ownership before that flitted between whichever nationality had a ship in the area at the time...But rest assured the UK was on them before the country of Argentina existed.

The UK couldn't give a toss about what Spain promised Argentina...The Spanish want us to give them Gibraltar against the will of the people as it is, so they like to stand shoulder to shoulder with you on this anyway since they feel they'll get something out of it. Woe-betide you mention Ceuta and Melillain in their presence though! They get all narky and defensive if you do that. Hypocrites.
Anyroad, whatever bollocks the Argentinian people are told about the Falklands, the UN enshrines in law that the will of the people in choosing their fate should be sacrosanct, and since the people who live on the Falklands are largely the descendants of those original British settlers of 1833, I think you'd find that their views about what should happen to them are pretty solid.

Since they have no wish to be Argentinian, or to cut the UK cords, then...well...Don't cry for me Argentina. Speaking about colonialism, as the Argentinian politicos are want to do, isn't Argentina an immigrant nation that kicked the original peoples out of power? Those 1833 British settlers on the Falklands merely displaced a load of penguins.

I can sort of understand why the Argentinians have such a boner for the Falklands, they're told from birth about the great injustice done to them by evil colonial Britain, as part of an elaborate cock and bull story, so the whole situation is almost a national hero myth that must be resolved with seizing back what was stolen from them (they weren't stolen btw). I've even seen road-signs on some two chicken town in the middle of nowhere that say "Welcome to (name of town), the Falkland Islands are ours!" In Spanish of course. This is like driving into Chipping Sodbury and being greeted with a sign saying "Welcome to Chipping Sodbury, the 13 Colonies are ours!" Since we have about as much claim to the eastern seaboard of the USA as that. If they're endlessly drip-fed such crap, then no wonder they buy it hook line and sinker.

I am sure that Sean Penn was told only the Argentinian version of events, so I don't blame him for believing it...But I wish he'd keep his ill informed opinions to himself. Who cares what a creased old actor has to say anyway? Probably the usual idiots who follow the cult of celebrity, but they're due an appointment with a wood-chipper if ever I seize the reigns of power so we can ignore them and their feeble brain power.

It's hard to see how Sean could be any more irritating and insulting to the people who inhabit those islands, short of turning into Bono and vanishing up his own arse in a self righteous solo circle jerk.

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