Thursday, 5 September 2013

Ho hum

Not updated this in a while.

Since nobody reads it and I'm working my nuts off, it's hardly the end of the world but...I am compelled to write today because of this example of selfish idiocy.

If we dropped the bomb tomorrow, I wouldn't give that much of a toss. We'd probably put an end to many self centered people who cannot think beyond the nose on their face.

Runcorn's Windmill Hill Nursery girl aged 2 walked off

So you might think I'm on the side of the parents etc, but I'm not. I walked home from school once aged ridiculously young. Mum was embarrassed and took me straight back. I just thought "Sod this! School is shite. I'm off home where I can do things I want to do."

Nothing wrong with this mindset. Anybody in senior management positions does this all the time and gets THE FUCK away with it. "I'm working from home today!" Lazy fucker for X times the money I am on.

I digress.

My ire was raised because of this bit from the above article.

Louise's father John, said it was a "shocking ordeal" and called for sackings.

Fuck you John. That's people's jobs you're talking about. Your daughter isn't dead, she's fine, nothing happened. People make mistakes and shit happens. To call for a sacking in this economic climate tells me that you are a selfish arse. It is believed a workman left a door open. Accident right there. Sometimes accidents kill people, sometimes they don't. If there is no malicious intent then leave people be, I'm sure they feel guilty enough already.

I really hate this mentality that we see in the western world today.

"wah wah wah, something nearly happened, I want somebody sacked!" Sack yourself and see what a difference that makes to your life.

Since we're no longer being threatened by wild animals, or fighting for our food, we whine about unimportant shit.

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