Sunday, 7 July 2013

Complete your profile. The window to your soul.

Complete your profile. 1/2 Give us all the marketing information we need to fill your every waking hour with inducements to buy shit you don't nee.
Come on tell us...Which city do you live in? So we can drop advertisements from your local curry house into your side bar. So we can sell your information onto shit hawks and loans companies.
Tell us everything about your life, every film, every TV show, every we can focus in on the core of your being and recommend something you might not have thought of yet...Naturally for your benefit. You didn't know you needed 'that' book by 'that' author who is sort of like something you've read before. We know it is, because every other mug on the planet has told us so, via their own feedback and profiles.
F**k you world, f**k you facebook, f**k your business model. Plus all those millions of others have lost the ability to think and make their own rational choices, f**k them as well.