Monday, 8 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher.

She was a polarising figure, that much is evident! 

Thing is, polarising figure means that they're loved and hated in equal measure...Surely this is a good thing? It means there is a natural divide to vote for, not like today where identikit men in suits battle over the same turf because they want everybody to love them equally.

Walking the centre ground is asinine and boring simply because by walking the centre ground, you offend both sides of the political divide equally, and hence doom your country to endless coalition and ineffective governance.

Remember this, for all people seemed to hate Thatcher, she won three elections. Cue various theories as to why this is, usually citing the Falklands and Kinnocks meltdown speech. Nobody states "She won because of the superior number of votes her party received." I also think, people remembered this.

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