Saturday, 13 October 2012

Jimmy Saville

It is my belief he is guilty as charged...Thing is, what with being dead and all that, there is very little we can do to him. Shall we dig him out of his coffin and put his mouldering corpse on trial ala Cromwell

I know...A touch of Damnatio memoriae is always good. Break out the chisels (already happening).

The staff at his charity will all be out of work soon...Other charities will have to move in to help since, people being f**king idiots, nobody will put into any of his trusts or charities anymore...Thinking that they'll somehow catch the peado' disease etc. Let's forget that the charity is innocent...Ugh, it's Saville...I am tainted by putting money into it.

I accept he was more than likely a dirty bastard but, how many of these girls are sniffing around for money and have thrown themselves on the bandwagon along with the rest? Shit, he leapt out of the TV and touched my no-no parts when I was 6, can I have a new car please to silence the mental anguish I have invented?

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