Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Euro 2012

Has anybody noticed anyone in the media eating humble pie over the appointment of Hodgson yet? Even Russell Howard got in on pillorying the FA for daring to go against the media and not appointing Redknapp. He's helping a team of over-rated millionaires play football in a none showy, dull, but effective way. I have spent years using the failure of England as a rationale for mocking the Sheeple and their slavish obsession with a bunch of thick twats kicking about a spheroid. Now here I am, admiring the down to Earth qualities of a man who appears to be making these self same twats play the game they're supposed to be worth millions for. I even find myself hoping he brings England great success, not as a victory for "our boys" (vomit), but as a victory for the quiet man who cares not a fuck for being some glossy media darling.

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