Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bring on the Draconian Driving Laws

Drivers face £90 on the spot fine and three points for being in the wrong lane or tailgating

Despite the media slant, I am happy that these laws are being considered.

I am sick of middle-laners, tailgaters, Mad Alan McMad in his supercharged Audi who is weaving through the traffic on the motorway like he is playing Burnout; or Homicidal Harry driving his wagon whilst tucking into his sarnies and piloting 44 tons of metal and rubber through a damp D3M.

I'm all for having whipping triangles erected at every Motorway Service Area, so if you're feeling stressed out by all the poor driving around you, pull in, have a ginsters and a wee; and then enjoy the sight of several Numptys being horsewhipped for your delectation.

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