Saturday, 25 August 2012

Severn Barrage

...and it's back from the dead again There are some cracking statements from all the usual suspects the beeb wheels out in order to have balance. The RSPB, Friends of the Earth etc. Environmentalists always make me chuckle when it comes to the need for renewables. They harp on and on about the need for less CO2 emissions and more renewables, and usually demonstrate their scientific ignorance by photoshopping mushroom clouds behind pictures of Sizewell B, but whenever the government puts a proposal forward they change the record and start bemoaning the damage caused by this project.

Turbines, wah wah visual intrusion, noise pollution, think of the birds.
Solar, wah wah the CO2 cost in constructing them, visual intrusion.
Hydro, wah wah the CO2 cost in constructing dams, the landscapes lost forever, think of the fish.
Barrage, wah wah the CO2 cost in constructing it, the landscape lost, think of the birds and fish and mudflats.

SHUT UP or get in the mass grave I've made you dig yourself. Progress is happening, and needs to happen to continue the species, either get on board or die out. What alternative do these environmentalists envision? Do they want progress to reverse? Or do they want nothing to happen, no baby steps, no progress, until BAM out of nowhere, replicators and fusion power...And Logan's Run.

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Curmudgeon said...

I always think the only reason greenies don't mind wind turbines too much is that they're totally useless. An unsightly power generation system that reliably generated loads of power would be a complete no-no.