Thursday, 9 June 2011

Financial Fun and Frolics

Does anybody else think that it is all just a giant confidence game where every time a negative decision, action or result comes in, it just spawns more negativity?

Thus the whole thing becomes a self exciting dynamo of fail. Can't help but thinking that QE should go into the pockets of the taxpayer directly...Many of us would transfer it to the banks via paying off debt and thus increasing our spending power by the repayments per month. They'd get their pound of flesh and the consumer would be more likely to buy things in shops since they'd be x hundred pounds a month happier after clearing debt repayments away, thus hopefully increasing demand and starting the system turning. As it is, the money seemingly vanishes into the pockets of the rich.

Also, the media seem to enjoy telling us we're all fucked, thus further increasing the feeling of helpless doom and driving consumer confidence lower. Worth an experiment to *sinisterly begins to tilt head to side* silence the media regarding the economy in an attempt to control people's mood, don't you think.

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