Friday, 9 December 2011

Hurricane Bawbag

Ignoring all the media joy at the entertainingly christened Hurricane Bawbag, this is probably one of many 'wind events' we'll get this year. Our experience of winter weather, heavily depends on what the jet-stream is up to. Judging by past winters, I guess this one will be mild but blowy simply because the jet-stream appears to want to be over the top of the UK this year.

Often wondered why it's not mentioned as much in UK weather forecasting as it is in the USA.

Last year the jet-stream was south of us most winter, so we had cold polar air sat on top, freezing our proverbial off. This year, it has been slap bang over the UK for most of December, hence every Atlantic low pressure system is being dragged over our heads in succession...Windy windy. If the jet is north of us, then we get mild and damp winters.

Take a look at where it is.

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