Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Election Fallout

I know the numbers and the maths, but it still doesn't smell right.

You did worse than the Tories, as did you...But together you combine as Voltron and instantly have the right to say "Hey, we won!" I just hear the endless numbers game played out across the BBC's coverage and think...FFS...This number of votes has won in the past! But now it is being hailed as a mandate for change, or even as a Clarion call for Labour to still run the country...Smells a bit off.

The other way round doesn't quite smell as bad since it is the party that won the most votes and seats having some kind of return for that. If all we have to look forward to are endless rounds of this and shady deals behind closed doors then...Ugh! It was the shady deal between Brown and Blair that did so much damage to Labour's ability to deliver. Internal power games that created a caustic environment in which the prick we have now acted like a spoilt child because he thought he had the God given right to rule. Much as I disliked Blair, I wonder how much of his end of term wobble was down to Brown being a fucker?

I wouldn't mind AV+ or PR coming into play, and I really don't see it as a way to keep the Tories out of power forever, which is really what the left is aiming for, lets be honest...It's not for any greater good, it's seen as a rod to beat the Tories and hence 'oh what larks.' A leftist pact fucks up enough, then there will be a swing. Nobody likes bitter medicine, but there comes a point when you relent.

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